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U-Eco City will provide the public information and services on real time for citizen based on USN sensor where various facilities such as a city or home environment. IDOLINK makes up variety convenience city life and futuristic city-services for citizen with technology applied on USN system.


Consist of the integrated platform that is optimized for service of U-Eco City

  • Development the integrated platform for sensing, service and solution
  • Support for Various devices environment
  • Integrated services and solution the internet browser, mobile web, mobile application (IOS, Android, etc)

Propose a model that is capable of integrating USN applications

  • Ease integration to the integrated for various service and solution based on framework middleware
  • Guarantee of interoperability and Communication network infrastructure construction support of heterogeneous device

Serve as intelligence engine for context awareness service

  • Automated engine for collection, analysis, execution by learning
  • Context awareness engine
  • Scene awareness engine

System Diagram

U-Eco-City Diagram

Air pollution monitoring service

  • Detection of malodorous substances with odor sensor of USN
  • Real time modeling and monitoring through CCTV

Intelligent fire/landslide monitoring service

  • Automatic wildfire surveillance using a hybrid camera
  • Precise situation control not affected by weather conditions such as fog and wet weather

U-Safety taxi service

  • Established emergency system using safety cap/emergency button and provide safety service based on NFC
  • Provide the information of taxi through the DID and increase customer satisfaction

U-Harmony service

  • Information service in numerous languages for new immigrants. (DID/smartphone app)
  • Provides health care services using complex health meter

U-English playground service

  • Interactive education service through IR touch screen, IR LED bar, etc
  • Fun education through combined experience based learning system and IT

U-Public bicycle service

  • Unmanned bicycle rent service through smartphone, kiosk and bicycle storage
  • Real-time location control using Zigbee and GPS